Lie Over Da


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In Aideen's own words: 'My mother, Maureen Campbell D'Arcy, was born in Ballymulderg and grew up in Dungannon. She is remembered for her humour, warmth, wit and the knack of telling a good yarn.

This memoir celebrates the life of a remarkable woman who, though humble about her own achievements, was yet possessed of a fierce pride of race and sense of family. This, together with a love of the absurd and a keen eye for the ridiculous, found its way into her tale telling, along with a wicked talent for mimicry, and for the penning of comic verse.

It remembers the people Maureen loved in all their glorious eccentricity, and whose stories she retold with such devastating skill; and the forbears who made her what she was.

It is redolent of an era when people made their own fun; the natural and supernatural worlds were not so far apart; and the sense of individuality and community was still strong. It preserves against the unreliability of memory the music that formed the soundtrack of my childhood, for I fell asleep to the rhythm of a story and woke to the sound of a song.

I offer it as a buffer against loss, so that when memory fades, her stories will remain. 'Thy highest praise from a chanter's breath Is spoken now by the voice of Death.' Alice Milligan


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Price: £9.99
Author: Aideen D'Arcy
Illustrator: N/A
ISBN: 1900935368
No. Pages: 224
Dimensions: 137 x 207mm
Type: Paperback