Back Across the Fields of Yesterday

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In 1999 The Ullans Press published Across the Fields of Yesterday, a collection of stories in Ulster-Scots by award winning writer Hugh Robinson. The book was an immediate success and led to demands for an English edition. Originally this book was intended to satisfy that demand but it has become much more. In translating the stories Hugh has taken the opportunity to not only rewrite and expand the original stories but also incorporate two additional chapters which give you a further insight into the origins of his literary gift.

Back Across the Fields of Yesterday recalls a country childhood with days and characters which are gone forever but, such are Hugh's powers of observation and description, the times and the people simply rise out of the pages to stand beside you.

Because Hugh writes from the heart, this book has a universal appeal. No matter where you come from, whether teen or of golden years, this book is a delight to read, a book to warm the heart.

In Hugh's own words, These are my people. These are my times. They may also be yours.

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Price: £9.95
Author: Hugh Robinson
Illustrator: N/A
ISBN: 1900935309
No. Pages: 280
Dimensions: 137 x 207mm
Type: Paperback